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About me

Patricia Simone - Hypnotherapist

My Journey

I started my career in the helping professions, I first worked in the home companion care field and then became a certified nursing assistant (CNA).  Intending to have a career in nursing, the market dropped in this field for a time with few jobs available.  I then returned to the home companion care field as both a supervisor and salesperson. 

I also took an active role in the family business of a manufacturing concern, learned how business worked and, when the market turned downward, I saw my husband at the time seriously struggle with this transition on an emotional level.  It was then that, I saw a real need for helping executives and business owners with transition issues such as buying or selling a business or entering into new entrepreneurial ventures.  Because of this, I became a business broker.  I continued to pay attention to not only business processes but also saw that certain issues – many of them emotional – were holding people back from effectively navigating through these transitions.  I also noticed that some formerly driven and highly successful  executives had difficulty transitioning into retirement.

Not wanting to focus exclusively on the business world, I also saw a need for assisting people who were emotionally overwhelmed not just in their jobs but in their personal lives as well.  This triggered an inner calling to provide guidance during these times of transition for people both in business as well as anyone struggling with a life  issue – behavioral and emotional – that was holding them back from growing. 

At the time, I was seeing a hypnotherapist and energy healer for my own journey  to self-awareness.  I saw the power in these treatment modalities – as well as the immediate results, I was getting – which led to my path of being a healer and coach.

I continually learn and upgrade my skills in a variety of healing methods to be of maximum effectiveness to my clients.

My Training & Certificates

Master An Ra Healer

Certified Intuitive Counselor

Reiki Practitioner

Chakra Medicine PTSD Training

These skills enable me to help my clients develop mind/body/spirit connections and uncover belief systems that may be holding them back for attaining goals and making shifts in their lives – both personally and professionally.  Once my clients discover these subconscious belief systems, I help to energetically release them so that they can move on to new beliefs that create a positive lifestyle.