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Patricia Simone - Hypnotherapist

What Clients Say about Jewels Hypnosis

"I’ve been smoking for 33 years and never even thought that I’d quit. But Patricia made me a believer after just one 90-minute session - I never looked back. It’s been 8 months and I have people smoking around me and I don’t have any urges!"
- Elefterios F.
"Truly someone with the ability to aid in your emotional/physical/spiritual self healing."
- AB Fitness
"Patricia is a gifted hypnotherapist and coach who has helped me clear up some lingering issues and her energetic body scans are right on the money! I can't say enough about, not only the accuracy of the scans, but the in-depth analysis of the results of this. It's a true spot-on roadmap on what needs to be addressed with certain organs and systems in the body. She has given me methods and techniques to strengthen these systems through various treatment modalities. "
- Tim P.
"Patricia is amazing! When I needed to remove past childhood traumas and PTSD that I couldn’t do alone, she really helped remove blocked energies from my body/oric field. She is in tune and gifted so her gentle words and her energy healing really makes a difference to help you along your physical and spiritual journey that traditional modalities won’t reach. "
- Valerie O.
"These sessions are so relaxing. Much of that has to do with Patricia's gentleness and trustworthiness. She makes me feel safe to enter into spaces in the mind and body which require focused healing. "
- Ivonne E.
"Patricia is very knowledgeable and creates a calm environment where issues can be safely explored."
- Lucy F.
"Patricia has been amazing from the second we met! She is warm and welcoming and I never feel judged. I was curious about virtual hypnosis and if it would actually work but I have had great results with every session."
- Kaylyn H.
"I have been to 5 sessions with her and am amazed every time at what is brought to light. I would never have been able to go this deep without her guidance."
- Robin D.
"I went to Patricia during a stressful time in my life and she really helped me relax and she showed me how to handle the situation in a positive and helpful way. "
- Amy H.
"Patricia is very good at helping you get to the root of your problems. "
- Felicia W.
"Patricia makes you feel very comfortable ."
- Maja S.
"I went to Patricia to improve my sleep quality. She was very helpful. I keep my positive affirmations next to my bed on the nightstand. "
- Dave B.
"I felt my perspective has expanded. I no longer fear limitations and feel free in doing what I love!"
- Lily W.
"Patricia is an expert in her field and an accomplished energy worker. After our session today, not only did I feel much lighter and more relieved, clear and lifted up, I saw the manifestations of her work on me within hours! "
- Readings with Rose
"Patricia helped me gain clarity and insight in my career and relationships, and freed me from my fear of flying. "
- Becky B.
"Patricia has helped me change my thought patterns and behaviors faster than any social workers/counselors I’ve experienced."
- Jerry H.
"Patricia has empowered me to take control over my life vs my life taking control over me. She taught me how to look at and release my trauma. "
- Shannon T.
"In the midst of a breakdown, I booked an appointment and my life has been transformed ever since. Patricia is accepting, caring, and attentive - everything I hoped for in a therapist. I am so fortunate to have found Patricia and for her continued guidance in breaking through trauma, finding my voice, and living my most authentic life."
- Samantha
"Patricia helped me work through my limiting beliefs regarding my ability to pass a large and important exam for my career, and in helping to shift my mindset to a more positive outlook."
- Amanda S.
"Patricia is informed, an amazing listener and a master at her craft. Two sessions later we whipped through what with a therapist would have been a Mountain to overcome. "
- Jesse C.
"On days we did energy healing, I left feeling charged up and energetic. Her approach gave me what I needed to better myself so that I can better my career, my home life and my interpersonal problems."
- Geoff S.
"After my initial session with Patricia I knew for the first time in my life that this was exactly who I needed to work with. I never feel judged. "
- Kaylyn H.
"Patricia was extremely helpful to my needs. I felt the loving energy from her. My session I had with Patricia I totally felt like a huge weight off of me."
- Jennifer G.
"Compassionate, understanding soul!"
- Laura P.
"Patricia takes extra time to really listen and get to know me before starting. She knows how to guide me through the session. I didn’t think it would work, but it did."
- Cheryl M.
"Patricia made me feel super comfortable and helped me work through my mental blocks. Since working with her I have been able to see a clearer vision and path for my future."
- Mike S.
"I felt relaxed (it takes a lot to get me to relax) and I have learned a lot about myself."
- Amy H.
"Patricia helped me gain an understanding of my current situation."
- Jerry H.
"It's been such a pleasure working with her to heal from my past and be able to embrace my now. She is professional, caring, and insightful."
- Shannon L. T.
"It is a body, mind, spirit connection. I felt very comfortable and my issue is gone. She listens and hears what you are saying."
- Jenna A.
"Patricia will help you uncover past experiences that are contributing to your current state of mind and then she will help you move past these blocks in a positive way."
- Glenn R.